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front chunk

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can anyone tell me how hard is it to remove front chunk im thinking of getting a dgl but need to know how much trouble it is to remove front chunk specifically the input or drive shaft any info would be greatly appreciated
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I just recently put a locker in the front of my 450es.

Wasn't bad, just time consuming. I did it over a period of a few days.

Some tips for you:

Unhook the brake lines from the brakes, disconnect the tie rods, remove the upper and lower control arm bolts, and remove the whole assembly.
The CV will just pull out of the diff when you are removing the assembly.

The input shaft was easy to get out. The end that slips onto the tranny is spring loaded. Remove the bolts that hold the diff, and slide it as far forward as it will go. Then, just grab the collar on the input shaft and you should be able to get it out of there.

Just take your time, and it will turn out great.

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I've never heard of a differential referred to as a "chunk"...............

......if someone you know calls a differential a chunk,................they might be a *******.


nice eric, nice
**** straight my neck is as red as they come
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ive also heard the differential called the "pumpkin" haaha
haha, maybe i am a *******. When i read his topic title, i knew exactly what he was talkin about... lol


Hey i really appreciate the info regardless if your neck is red
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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