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Front bumper

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Are there any aftermarket heavy duty front bumpers for the 500?
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Thanks, just what I need!
how about a bumper that replaces the factory one. Factory one is bent and would like to get a nice looking replacement, but not the stock one.
I so far have not seen one that will replace it. I think it looks dumb to have one over the stock one but that's just me.
i'm looking for one to replace the front bumper too.. its looks ugly when you have the two on.
If and when I ever finish mine I will take some pictures and everyone can copy it. It should look like stock but made of sch #40 pipe and instead of the black plastic on front, it is diamond plate steel.
well hurry up and finish it My better half got in a fight with a tree.....those darn things always win by the way......and my front bumper has been cross-eyed ever since. I think they all look stupid with 2 bumpers on it. I guess that way when you hit something you'll hear the clang and know you messed it up instead of having to get off and look at it.
Well when I finish it, I will know that if its bent from hitting something, the bumper is the last thing I will be thinking about on my helo ride to the ER!!!! I made one for the 05 Rancher I had (back bumper) and it was 2" sch #40 pipe. Clean look to it, and it now sits on my friends 03 Rancher. It was hit by him of all people when it was on my Rancher while I was sitting still and he was going about 30mph. It scratched the paint on it and left a VERY small ding in it.
Flyinscootrpilot's point is exactly why I don't care what it looks will be a heck of alot stronger than the stock. Plus if you wanted you could cut the loop off the existing brushguard back to the plastic up rails.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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