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Front Brakesh

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The front brakes on my 2004 450 S seem to have stopped working after riding this weekend. I dont see a bubble in the fluid reservoir. When I pull the brake lever, it comes all the way back with almost no pressure. Did I tear something up, wear the pads, or just run low on brake fluid? Any suggestions for a fix?
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Go ahead if you can afford it & get one of the disc brake conversion kits. It
will eliminate all of those problems. The only thing you have to worry about
is keepin' the brake pads up. They wear faster than the drum brake pads.
How much and where do I get it?
I got the Highlifter Disc Brake Conversion kit. You may want to consider the
Extreme Disc Brake Conversion kit. They are a little cheaper & are just as
good or better. I got mine an I paid $280.00 for each
atv. You may want to call & ask for Matthew. The phone number is on the
website. Once you get them, you will be amazed at how good they stop. If
you call & order them, you can get them cheaper.
i still say that this is the best mod ever for the foremans. Worth it weight in gold twice over.You will be very happy with the kit and it is about as much as you would spend on trying to keep those drums working.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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