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front brakes?

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When I hit the front brakes my left tire will lock up. I have checked the pads, ok, and adjusted the brakes as well. I noticed that while adjusting the brakes on the left front - when I would rotate the wheel it would drag in the same spot while the brakes are adjusted tight. Any one come across this problem. I read in the manual about a warped drum, Not sure where to go fromm here.
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sounds like the wheel bearings are bad and loose , check for wiggle on the drum and axle.
Take the drum to a local machine shop. they can check to see if it is running true and if not they can turn it for you or check with an automotive parts store they may can do the same. I don't know if their lathe type turning device is as capable of turning atv drums but it seems that it should be. My brother and I are machinsts and we have preformed this operation before. I would sure hate to buy a new one!!!!!!!!! Good Luck!
im w/ wv go ahead and get disc brakes i know theyre high now but youll save alot of $ in the long run in pads, (shoes) and the rotors are hard to hurt like you said the drums wear pretty quickly
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