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front brakes

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I know this subject has probably been beat to death. I puy new pads on both front wheels, when i put everything back together i pumped the brakes a few times and it doesnt seem to be stiffening up at all. I started the engine held the front brakes and put it in gear...there not holding at all, there is minimal grip. do i need to bleed the brakes? did i do something wrong? Is there an adjustment im missing? I know they make a disc upgrade but i cannot afford it at this time. it is a 2002 and they have worked great up until now. The old pads had wear so it was time for new pads. when i did it, i did not remove the upper brake cylinder cap. I put the new pads on, squeezed both pads to get the pistons back to there closed position, put both drums back on, tightened everything, and pumped them up. I just dont feel im getting enough lever.....pleae help, thanks...Darrin
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Are they adjusted correctly? If so you may need to bleed them.
my brakes sucked as well and could never get them adjusted right even after replacing the front i had a bunch of change saved up and worked a couple ot shifts and went with the disc brake upgrade of which i am in the process of doing...
Same problem here.

I had crappy pressure before the brake change and absolutely no pressure after.

If I pump the brakes rapidly, I can build enough pressure to stop, but it is tiring when riding in convoy.

I have replaced all the fluid, used a pump, replaced master cylinder and am going to do a cylinder rebuild and see what happens.

My mechanic is dumbfounded and says it is extremely common and he even suggests to go the disk brake route (that is a stupid solution since every honda I have ridden has the same problem).
i have the disc brakes installed and man what a difference...i heard alot of people on here saying they were great and son..but now that im in that they are great...just wish i hadnt waited so long to convert...
Welcome to the club! I put my disc brake conversion on about a month ago (along with some other upgrades) and can't wait to give them a true test this weekend when me and my buddies go to pinnacle creek in west virginia. It will be nice to finally be have some good brakes on all those hills up there.
where ya from pce? a bunch from ATVWV.COM are riding the Little Coal River system the weekend of the 12th of August...we are going to try and help promote an ATV safety course offered free of charge from a local hospital...and then gonna ride for a few hours...
I live in Goldsboro, NC. It's about a 6 hour drive to the wagon wheel from where I live. Just started going up to WV last fall with some other buddies. I think this weekend will be about the fourth time I've been up there since last fall. We've been riding with the notorious "Capt. Jack" to get familiar with the trails. We are starting to get the hang of it up there though.
I've had my foreman since 99 and used it mainly for hunting so it's still in good shape. My buddies have gotten me hooked on trail riding now so I'm finally putting some miles on it. This will probably be my last trip to WV for a while because hunting season is only about one month away and then I'll be living in the woods! Definately will go back again after hunting season though.
holler at me sometime and maybe we could get together and ride the ridges...
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