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Front Brakes Not working

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Hello all I did try a search for this and found nothing on it. I have a 2002 Honda Foreman 450S has 1,300 miles on it. The front brakes harldy work at all and this weekend I was going to pull the front drums off and clean up things best I can. What due I need to look for and due?

I have another machine also that I ride with that has the same problem his is a 2003. Mostly Trail/Mud/crick bottom that they go through

Is there anything to look for while doing this would it help to Bleed the brake system? Can I use DOT3 Brake fluid from NAPA for this or does it have to be special from Honda?

thanks for your help on this.

I would rather just upgrade to Disc Brakes but I have a baby on the way and money will get tight as it is.
Any way here is a pic of the machine doing a little work back in july, I was back filling a trench dug from the garage to the house

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You need to spray brake cleaner on them first. If they are not all rusted up
& corroded you then can adjust them. You should have the instructions in your
owners manuel. While you have the drum cover off, clean it real good & put
some fresh marine grease around the seal. I am gettin' the disk brakes real
soon, so i won't have to do that anymore. Bleed them & you should be good
to go. Good luck.
seems like, no matter how well i clean & adjust mine, they fade within 5-10 light squeezes. i'm looking into the disk conversion kits, noticed one mfr. uses a 1/4" rotor & claims that it is twice the thickness of the competitors' rotors. anybody else know which brand would be best for rough, rock-strewn trails and alot of rocky water crossings?

I'm lookin' into the Extreme Disc Brakes. From what i hear, the pads last a
little longer with them.
I got the High Lifter ones instead. They were sold out of the Extreme disc
lightly scuff the drums and shoes with sand paper (800 grit) and apply a light layer of marine grease or hi- temp wheel bearing grease to the rubber seal (clean it real good first) and you should be good for a long time. Ive only had to adjust mine 2x in 1000mi
Disc brakes

I have the High Lifter front disk brake conversion and I love it. They are expensive but worth every penny
Got the Brakes fixed and had to replace the wheel bearings while I was at it. Thanks for all the replay's.

The front brakes are now at least working.

New ? what is the dealer cost for replacing Wheel Bearings? all told I spent $200.00 on the repair, it was $130.00 for bearings and seals and then $60.00 to have the performance shop press out the old bearings as they were rusted in the housing pretty bad. $10 for a grease gun and Marnie Grease and a snap ring Pliers also

I still did all the labor on this as far as taking the housing off and the like.

just wondering if I would have been better off having the Dealership due it for me?

also next go around I am gonna due some looking for better bearing's that are self sealed and go with disc brakes.

but I was in a time crunch as I need the machine to ride tomorrow.

thanks again

sublime out
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