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front brakes and 4X4

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has anyone ever noticed if you get stuck and just one front wheel is spinning, if you lightly apply the front brake it will make both fronts spin. we've tried this many times on different hondas, it always seems to work. also is there any ryhme or reason why the fan somtimes will come on when you flip on the lights?
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i used to do that all the time before i got bigger tires on my rubicon. it will work up untill 26" tires but after that it dosent really work. my rubicon used to do the same thing with the lights and the fan. i dont know why it did it but it didnt really bother me too much. i never did figure out why it did it.
Yeah,tapping the front brakes has gotten me out of some mudholes more than once.,Takes some practice to use the same hand for front brake and throttle but it does work really good.
Buy a DGL and you wont have to worry about tapping the brakes when you get into a bad hole. Its the best mod that Ihave done to my Foreman!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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