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Front Brake Problems...Please help!

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I am very new to ATV Industry, so any help would be great appreciated!

I am an owner of a 2004 Foreman ES 4x4. My front brakes have no resistance. I took it to the local ATV shop and said it was front knuckle bearings. I had them replace the bearings and the front brakes were working fine for a day. This past Sat. I had it out and I am having the same problem. I squeeze the front brake lever the whole way... still no resistance. I took the resevoir cap off(on the handle bars) and there is no fluid. Am I correct in assuming that I need to fill it up or is there air in the brake line.. or what? If the fluid is low, do I need to bleed the brakes after I put fluid in? Any help would be appreciated
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I am not the best at this either, but I really don't know why the knuckle bearings would have anything to do with your brakes. Now not having any resistance, I have already been down this road. The drum brakes are a poor and cheap design by Honda. I have the same bike as you and my problem was never fixed. It got to where everytime I went in any water and mud, I had to take them apart and clean everything out. This got to be an every ride thing. I complained to Honda and on this site, and I was turned on to the disc brake conversion. All I can say is it is worth the $350. You can look at the link below to get an idea if you are interested in having zero maintenence. If you do or plan to do alot of riding, I would strongly recommend the disc brakes!
Thanks for the response!

Could you give me a quick reply on how to bleed the brakes.

what I'll do is fill the brake fluid, then bleed them, but I would need some direction.
Put some brake fluid in then bleed them .
There is a what looks like a grease fitting on each side of the brake drums all you have to do is lossen that fitting like 1/2 a turn and fuild or air will come out.

You can gravity bleed them by leaving the lid off then backing that fitting off a half turn or so till it starts to drip fluid then close it up and do the other side.

Or have a friend squeaze the break handle for yea to pump it up and hold it while you open and close the fitting. keep the lid on while doing this.
Just go ahead and order the Disc Brake Conversion kit for it and never be frustrated again....
Just go ahead and order the Disc Brake Conversion kit for it and never be frustrated again...
That's the best answer out there. You can't go wrong with the HL disk brake kit.
You really should consider the disc brake conversion kit (I did) and all my brake problems went away. I purchased the Xtreme kit and installed it myself with minimal hassle. The Honda is often referred to as a "bullet proof" ATV , and the Foreman has NEVER let me down. You've got a great machine, make it better by upgrading to disc brakes and your stopping problems will be a thing of the past.
Thanks for everyone's help. Should I convert the front brakes to disc or both front or back? I guess I would be looking at around $700 for all.
My experience would recommend both front and back. I only have them on the front. I have no brakes in the rear. I have adjusted and cleaned and replace until I gave up. Just having them in the front is ok, I would prefer them all around. If I only had one choice, I would actually go with them in the rear, just because when you have to get on the brakes real hard, the 4 wheeler lunges forward real quick. Just my opinion! Hope it helps
Not to many do the back conversion unless there type of riding calls for a need to have them.

We have both the xtreme and the hl kit on our bikes. Both work well but I like the xtreme kit better, to me the xtreme has better stopping ability. it also has a thicker solid rotor unlike the HL rotors that are thin and slotted.
Who carries the Xtreme brakes and how easy is it to get replacment pads/ rotors. Only asking since I'm up in Canada. Would like a quick or close reference if parts are needed.
I have seen the HL ones for sale in canada just not the Xtreme's
I called extreme for pads & they told me the pads & calipers for their kit were from an 650 arctic cat.I bought my pads from the AC dealer but were 80.00. I needed them bad.I did find these afterwards though. <a href="" target="_blank"> ... ORS.htm?50</a>
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