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Front Brake Problems...Please help!

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I am very new to ATV Industry, so any help would be great appreciated!

I am an owner of a 2004 Foreman ES 4x4. My front brakes have no resistance. I took it to the local ATV shop and said it was front knuckle bearings. I had them replace the bearings and the front brakes were working fine for a day. This past Sat. I had it out and I am having the same problem. I squeeze the front brake lever the whole way... still no resistance. I took the resevoir cap off(on the handle bars) and there is no fluid. Am I correct in assuming that I need to fill it up or is there air in the brake line.. or what? If the fluid is low, do I need to bleed the brakes after I put fluid in? Any help would be appreciated
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Well,start by filling the resevoir,re-install the cover and then pump the lever several times.Then check the fluid and top off if needed.The fluid had to go somewhere,so I suspect you have a leak.You may not have to bleed them.It would be a good idea to remove the front drums and inspect the linings and wheel cylinders.
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