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Front Brake Pads...

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How many of you guys already got front brake pads on your 500? My pads only have bout a paper thickness left, so i need to be ordering some ASAP! They have started to squeak.. the sand paper trick worked for about 5miles, then i got into a mudhole... not good.

Thanks Guys!!
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go check at they have brss brake pads for $150 a set and they are supposed to last a while
ok found some at $21.99 each side... so about $50 for both with shipping? Whats the difference between sintered and carbon pads?? they are the same price, but RM is sold out of carbon ones...
$36.59 a side... <a href="" target="_blank"> ... A=147&B=37</a>

Best so far is and im not sure if they are the right ones?
EBC P'/N FA410-R
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