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Front brake calipers

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Anybody know where to get a caliper rebuild kit? My local Honda dealer couldn't find anything, not even aftermarket.

BTW, Hey from NC!
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a caliper rebuild kit for what the HL disc brake kit or the xtreme kit??? the ranchers all have drum brakes.if it's for the HL kit call them and they will get the parts from Wilwood for you as that is who makes the calipers.Wilwood will not sell the parts to you at all so don't bother calling for the xtreme brake calipers I have no idea.
No they are they factory drum brakes. Two calipers on each front wheel. My seals in the front are shot and it looses pressure.
you mean the wheel cylinders to service honda .com and they have them for the best price.use their parts diagrams and price checker.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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