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well get this i broke my left cv joint so i took it to a shop that i know a guy so he was goin to fix it cheap and get me a good deal on a axle and so they replaced it come it find it was a foreman 450 axle and it fix so i didn't think anything of it well we where riding at mud nationals and me and foreman450rider where goin get some ice when he said dude your tires i wobbling i and said i think its me bearing so i was goin to the machanie and i was goin up a hill and the tire fell off it came off so come to find out they didn't put a cottur pin in so put it back on and so i took it easy the rest of the time and when i got home i had forgot about it so iwent riding in a field behind my house i was goin about 30(luckly last timw is was goin slow and it stoped quick) and it came off again and the front dug in and i fell off the bike so i put it back on got it to the house and now its in the shed and i am getting gorilla axles
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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