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front bearings

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how many of you guys have had your front wheel bearings go out?
My brothers, mine and a friends of mine have all had the front left wheel bearing go out.... Sounds kindof fishy to me?
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Mine went out after almost 3 years. I really can't complain. That is kinda
weird that all of them are the left front wheel.
My front left wheel bearings went out and I only had 430 miles on mine.
I feel better now that I know i'm not the only one! Had to replace right front last wensday. Wasn't too bad once I figured it out, didn't even take the knuckle off the bike. Checked my left side and it has a little play so it won't be much longer on it.
Yeah I already had to replace mine at about 500 mi. With all of the mud and water we ride in I wasn't surprised.
I've replaced one already. and both could stand to replaced now.
I recomend the sealed bearings. i am in the process of installing them right now, to avoid eating up the stock bearings!
i have about 1450 miles. mostly creek ridin (sand and water) and then some playin in mud..
So im not goin to complain, but it just seemed like most were the front left.
mine went out at 800 miles. with 26inch 589s. just upgraded to 28inch mud bugs.
i just yesterday replaced mine as well.. i replaced the left front last year and didnt do the i had to do both...i used the all balls brand sealed bearing the first time and it was in a whole lot better shape than the stock one..i used the sealed bearings from Moose this time..they looked exactly like the ones from All Balls...but they had to be done so i did it..
well get this i broke my left cv joint so i took it to a shop that i know a guy so he was goin to fix it cheap and get me a good deal on a axle and so they replaced it come it find it was a foreman 450 axle and it fix so i didn't think anything of it well we where riding at mud nationals and me and foreman450rider where goin get some ice when he said dude your tires i wobbling i and said i think its me bearing so i was goin to the machanie and i was goin up a hill and the tire fell off it came off so come to find out they didn't put a cottur pin in so put it back on and so i took it easy the rest of the time and when i got home i had forgot about it so iwent riding in a field behind my house i was goin about 30(luckly last timw is was goin slow and it stoped quick) and it came off again and the front dug in and i fell off the bike so i put it back on got it to the house and now its in the shed and i am getting gorilla axles
I have had my foreman for 4 months and i already have the highlifter sealed bearings orderd not because mine went out just because i have heard so many horror stories about them going out.
I know this has been asked a 199 times, but do the HL sealed bearings
really work. Are they worth the money?
Where can I get sealed bearings and how much are they?
I have heard and have been told that they arent worth the price.. i can get bearings and seals for the front (both sides) for bout $70ish. So im not goin to worry bout the HL sealed bearings..
i got mine from a local atv can probably get them from your may even get the part number for them and check any local bearing companies in your town.. they should be able to either have them or cross reference them and get ya a set....the ones i bought were by Moose and cost me $29 a side...good luck
1 - 16 of 16 Posts
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