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Front axleshaft?'s

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I took mine apart today and the axle broke at the splines in the the differential, my question is, is this the same axle as in the 450, rubicon, or unique to itself. Second do yall think that under the waranty they would just give me a new axle and let me do it myself, I don't want to take the bike in and have them keep it for a month.

I would think that the cv would have gone before the actual shaft.

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If warranty is done they have to do it,so no they won't give you a axle to install yourself.Put on stock tires and no lift and tell the it just broke and it left you stranded.They should cover it under warr,Hopefully it didn't mess up the splines internally in the ft diff(side gears).That's unique that the inner cv jt didn't snap first(???).I know it sucks but if it's covered in the oem warranty,take it back to Honda,cv axles can be $$$$,save money and act likr you know nothing(tire bigger,lift,etc...).Take it back and wait,hopefully they're faster than the yahoo's down south...Good LUCK...
Anyone have any suggestions on shops to take it to locally, I don't want to take it to champions.
For warranty there is House of Power, but I wouldn't exactly recomend them. Frank's Cycle in Melbourne is good. Or call Dano up and see if he can do. He works on them in his spare time, he may be able to help you.
I don't have a problem fixing them, I already have it torn apart but I want to put it in for warranty and I want someone that isn't going to be a pain in the a$$.
Unfortunately if in the Honda's factory warranty that is 6 months .If you took it out already they will blackflag you,basically they won't due crap for you and will make comments in the Honda repair history that you took apart or altered the atv.I use to work at a major Honda dealer,that's why I wouldn't take it to them if it's in factory warranty still.Most auto cv axle/joint shops have repair kits and boots in stock for atv's.Hope I could be of help...
I bought the extended warranty for it, and I only pulled the out where it broke if I put it back together they wouldn't know. I don't know if I should take it into them and try and get them to fix it or do it myself and try and get my money back for the extra warranty.
Pop it back in and take it to Honda and be cool but sound upset bacause it left you stranded in the middle of nowhere at 3:eek:o am by ypurself.Works for me all the time when I had a Popo 500.The disadvantage is they'll have it for up to 2 weeks poss.I think Rubi Travis knows a local cv rebuilder shop that can fix it for probably under $1oo,give or take some.Down here we use a local auto cv jt. shop through my job and they have all the jts and boots in stock,usually for the GRIZZLY'S it's arond $125 with a new inner jt and 2 new boots.Ask around and explore your options.
I think I am just going to put a gorilla in place of the busted one, I figure I might as well fix it for good, then when I lift that will be one last thing I will have to worry about, now I jsut have to get the money to get it.
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