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front axle?

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i destroyed the outer cv joint wondering if you gotta replace whole axle or can you just replace cv joint and how much $$$$$
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Sorry, can't answer but mind if I ask how it happened?
to much wheel hop coming out of big mudhole
i dont believe that they sell it sepratly.....I broke mine 2 times before i went to gorillas and they told me that i had to buy the whole axel so i just had the stock ones reubilt at a local axel shop
If the axle breaks in a mud hole, wouldn't that be cover under warranty, if you still have warranty left or by the extended warranty if you have that?
Who is gonna know if it broke in a mud hole unless you tell them. Wash that baby off and make sure there is not mud in your fluid, and see what they say, its worth a shot! Oh yeah and put the stockers back on it ... LOL
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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