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Front and rear diff

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Well i just noticed in the manuel it says only to replace every 2 years. I just bought 2 bottles of the 80w90 fluid to do it but not sure if i should wait or what?
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For years I have been using 80w90 Castrol gear oil and never replaced one part in the diffs.For both diffs it takes 1 pint only,I change it like every 40 hours and still looks new(water riding alot)
My good buddy Scrappy has a 2000 Rubi and has never had one part failure on it.Just normal maintance and small issues whe n snorkeled it with jetting.Great reliable atv,highly thinking of buying an 05 or the 500ES.Hes also running 27"Bi/Tri combos since day one!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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