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friends 05

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i have a friend with a 05 rincon 650 i was wondering weather the perfex long travel suspension kit is a good lift and what size tires can he fit with the kit and highlifter lift springs
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will gorilla axles all the way around with and HL lift and lift spings cause cv wear
Once you get the Gorilla axles, you won't have any other problems. It is caused when the lift puts the cv joints and a severe angle and they rub on the inner ring. This eats the edges up and trashes everything. The Gorilla axles are longer axles but the inner ring is smaller so it allows the cv joint to be at a drastic angle and not rub.

Hope that helps..
Sorry, I forgot to tell you that this is off of my 03 Rincon. Tis occurred with the NON-DAMAGING Highlifter lift kit that was SAFE to install...
that sucks are you going to pay for gorillas or just get stockers and take of the lift

i read on rincon riders that if you take of the pucks in the fount and put on HL lift spings the axles dont have the problems
Already threw the Highlifter 2 1/2 inch lift in the trash. Went back to stock height, but had to spend $350 just in cv boots, inner cv joints, bearings, clips, ect.. All on a $60 lift for a few inches..
thanks for your help...again
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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