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Fresh and Clean from South Louisiana

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Names Robert, Broadcasting live from the Deep South.
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Welcome hkustoms
It's nice to have someone "Fresh & Clean" in here for a change!!
thanks for the warm welcome

I hope once I get a little free time I can contribute to the site. I will be playing around with the foreman and later pushing it like I do every toy I have ever owned. Stay tuned, I can tell you It won't dissapoint. I have kept my 06 Foreman S (500) completely stock and It has been put to the test on several occasions from workhorse to pack mule. I have put a few miles from the trail on it, and am interested in climbing obsticles such as hills, and embankments,etc...

I have put it a bad way many times and it hasn't ever let me down. So nothing but good from here.

Anyone from Louisiana?

[/code] husband and I are originally from Louisiana. Monroe area.
Ilive in West Monroe. In Montana for the summer. sucks too, cause i wasnt able to bring the foreman. but oh well, making better money.
Welcome to the site

Welcome to!!!
Cool, I'm new here too. I live in Baton Rouge.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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