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Frame RUST Help

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I just bought a 96 foreman trx400fwt w/ rust problems. It looks like I am going 2 need: frame, a arm set (lower & upper), swing arm and front dif. (not from rust). It must have set in saltwater most it's life. Racks, Plastic, & engine/trany are Ok. WHAT A MESS I HAVE!!!!!
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I can help you out on the a-arms, but cant help you out on the frame. Ebay is a good place to start for used parts. The arms I have show some rust from sticks hitting them and dragging accross the ground, but they can be cleaned up. Balljoints will need to be replaced as well, I think they run around $20ea. for aftermarket balljoints. Just let me know if you are interested and we can work out something.
Thanks, I'll let U know . I contacted mikes atv in MS and he is going 2 send me a frame, a arms, swing arm and front dif. parts for $575. shipped! YA'LL think thats a deal ?
thats sounds like a good deal for the parts that you are getting. Around here a frame will go for $400-500 by itself.
Hey, Dirty4man looks like I may need that set of a arms let me know what u want 2 do, I think i'm going 2 patch up the 400 and get my $ out of it or use some parts of of it 2 fix up a 2003 450s I just picked up for .................. $'s not "hot", I had the #'s checked. It runs good ,4x4 works, the plastic is not that great & lower mud guards are gone I think that my biggest problem is 1st gear is not working. just grinds and goes back 2 neutral 2nd - 5th seem to work fine . Oh Well I think its a better bike 2 work on. By the way nice web Dirty4man!
Thanks on the comments.
$50 plus shipping for both sides, this includes upper/lower a-arms and factory cv guards.

As far as first gear, you want know what the problem is untill you tear into it, it could be a number of things. I also have a 98 foreman 400 motor that is torn down that I have been using for parts and also other misc parts. Just let me know if you need anything else and I will see if I have them.
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