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Fourman 450es shift silinoid

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Hello all I recently discovered your site. Ihave a problem i was hopeing you all could help me with. My 01 fourman 450es has a problem with high rev shifting if i am really getting on it. It hangs up and wont let me shift. The dealer told me it was the shift silinoid but i dont think he knows what he was talking about. if you could help i would app. it thanks..
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Do you ket off the gas between shifts?
Have you tried to adjust the clutch.the screw is located on the ft engine cover by ft driveshaft.You break loose the bigger nut loose,hold it still with a wrench,then turn the flat head screw counterclockwise untill you feel some resistance and then turn it back clockwise a half turn.The adjustment is very small in the amount needed to turn,I usually turn a little and then drive it,if needed do it again untill perfect.If you do it correct you wont have to let off the gas at all when shifting(shifts hard and fast).If that doesnt help you may need new clutches,usually when the clut ch angle sensor goes bad it wont shift and the lights on the display with flash some codes,I broke mine on accident when i did my HL clutch kit...GOOD LUCK
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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