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found a big bore kit

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they really dont list our bikes but i did call them and they offer a kit that make the 475cc motors we have to 535cc. you send them you cylinder and stuff and they send it back to you already done. i think he quoted me around 350-400 bucks. i also asked about any additional cooling add on would be needed. he told me none. just thought i'd share this with you guys. dont know if i'm ready for that yet. i know the more you modifiy things the more they break
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next time i gotta get into my motor, im doing this
I was gonna do that, but i'm just gonna trade the foreman
I like the foreman to much to trade it, plus its cheap and paid for. Thats the best part!
I like the foreman too, but i still owe 5200$ on mine. I'm a power junkie and the honda just doesnt provide that. I wish I could keep the foreman though
QUOTE ("Flip 500":899a4p9k)
I was gonna do that, but i'm just gonna trade the foreman

kyle dont do it. you cant beat the honda. do you think the bomb 800 could be pulled in while floating and drive away?
buddy that is a very good point there
Thumper does some GREAT work on motorcycles! I would imagine their work is as good on atvs also. If you can swing by there "store" you should. Its in Marshall Texas (yeah, little ole Marshall!)
kyle, just back from the fork again. what ever happened to the nitrous? we are going to harlen on friday. itll be nice to ride something different. **** deer season ya know.
about harlan, i hate you, j/k, deer season sucks, except for gun season, cause i'm too cheap to buy a bow.
ladies and gentlemen(i use that term loosely cough *deadmullet* cough) i'm keeping the foreman now who makes a high compression piston for this little booger
highlifter has a kit i am pretty sure
hl sells one for the rubi, and not for the foreman i thnk
hey guys, there is a guy that rides with us...he has a foreman 500 s and he put in a big bore kit, he has dual snorkels, 28" 589's, itp chrome wheels, jet kit, hmf exhaust...anyway, he said that the big bore kit he put in came with a piston that was the same size as one from a chevy i don't know much about engines but i think that is alot bigger than what we have.

he also said that after he bored it, he broke two axles, and ripped the gears out of the rear diff. and broke something else...i do know that he can go through the thickest nastiest mud you can ever imagine, and we can't..

i really don't think its worth it... just my $.02 though
welp get him on here lol, we wanna learn
hahah no i don't think he will get on here, he isn't the computer type.

but if you have any questions about it i could ask him next time i ride with him...possibly tonight...
ask him the brands and stuff
will do...i haven't seen him in a while...maybe next weekend
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