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Formans oil cooler

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I'm really considering a honda Foreman. How does the bike perform in hot temperatures? I have a Rubicon right now, and the liquid cooled machine perform very well. How about the oil cooler on the Foreman work in hot temperatures?
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it perforems well for my. the over heat light has never came on. abviously the fan runs often. and thats even moving slow in the summer dragging oak stumps.
just put a override switch on your fan so you can turn it on and leave it on when ur not in water or mud...thats what i do and never heats up
I'd choose the Foreman over the Rubicon anyday.My Foreman works hard all day long and the head temp. never gets over 375 degrees.Air cooled Foremans are simpler and less to go wrong.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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