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Forgot, but back again.

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I joined some time ago, but found myself occupied with high lifters forum and forgot I even signed up here. I got an email not long ago and decided to come back. Im from ky and I have an 04 honda rubicon with some moderate mods.
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welcome back, i dont know if you remember or not but i used to belong to highlifter but i came here. im not sure but i think i might of even told you about this site.
Welcome Home Rubicon_Joey
Welcome Back !!!!
Welcome back to the site!
Hey Joey I've seen ya over on highlifter too. This place is awsome also!! So stick around and enjoy!!!
yeah, I have spent alot of time over at h/l, still do. Hopefully I can give and recieve some good infromation. I do recognize some of the same people. Mad mudder I do believe it may have been you who told me about this site. Anyways thanks for the welcome.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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