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Forest Hill

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we went to forest hill today and rode the whole day at camp claiborne...pretty cool. this was my first time....

anyone else get to see the "bat cave"
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we use to go up there years ago. They have a lot of good trails there to ride. With hunting season around the corner, I would think that they will be closing the gates soon for alittle while. They use to allow small game hunting on Camp Claiborne property.
we were there from 8 a.m. to about 5 p.m. and i did not see any wildlife at all out there. except for the bats and was a little weird.
Is it open this weekend? I would like to go ride out there this weekend. How are the trails? Is there enouhh mud to keep one occupied?
the trails are nice, had a few water holes along the way...the clay pit had some major mud holes. the ruts were too deep for me to make it through but there is one area that was filled with water and about 4ft deep...i got a pic...
Is it open this weekend?

as far as i know...

i got some pics and video from our trip on my website, check it out...
nice! looks like yall had a fun def gona have to try and get out there one weekend. I dont live far from it at all. Only about a hour and 30 min. drive. It was a pertty good drive for yall from patterson though.
actually wasn't that bad...about 2 hours one way...

we left about 6 that sat. morning and got back home about 7 that night... rode all friggin day and still had a half a tank of gas when i got home.
Do you have to put on stock tires???
They want no more than an inch lug, but I've been ok with 1 1/8 inch mudlites. They will measure but never seen anyone sent home
Hey any of yall going to the Marengo swamp ride this weekend? Trying to get a few guys out there, its got to be muddy as **** now
So 26'589's will be good???
yea thats what my buddy has , no problems
Thanks.I'm going in a week or two,and i'm intrested in getting seriously muddy!! (or getting in some serious water)
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