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Foremans and Mudbugs

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Hey All,

First Post, nice to see a forum only for hondas.

So I have a 2005 Foreman 500 FM, I got it about half way through the summer last year and put close to 300 km.

We generally ride in central Alberta Canada , arguably some of the best terrain anywhere, a mix of mountains, mud, skeg, all the good stuff is there with great vistas.

I did all my riding on the stock 2005 tires, everyone says that I'll notice a difference when I change them - we'll see. I hope I am pleasantly surprised.

I finally ordered some 27x10s for the front and 27x12s for the rear, a buddy has mudlites but I am going with the bugs all the way.

I have lurked oaround this site... can ayone post a pic of a 2005 with bugs? or 2006?

I want to see what my unit is going to look like

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Here are some pics of Robb's when he had 27 Bugs a while back.
26" bugs 12' all the way around

since changed the fronts from 12's to 10's - it was grabbing ruts pretty hard while driving
Don't you just love yellow foremans!!!!!!!
**** ya, got get some bug just like it for my yellow foreman

My bugs arrive tomorrow! - I must say the 26s look very balanced for size on yours snowman - sweet, I went with 27s to gain as much clearance as I could with a "moderate" tire upgrade as I am avoiding the lift kit until I feel its necessary.

Reading this site seems to indicate that the 26 inch bugs have deeper lugs.. , the question will be is that extra half inch of clearance I gain from the 27s going to be big advantage?

I'll post pics as soon as they get mounted.


I love this pic

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yeah thats why i stuck with the 26's
fewer lugs but bigger.
27's are nice for the hieght but i wanted more aggressive.
i did take the measurements on the 27 vs the 26's but i forget what they were already.
i ran 589 mt's on my rancher - my buddy had a rancher with bugs on it.
he proceeded to kick my butt one too many times- so when i bought the Foreman i got the bugs on it.
steers nicer with the 10's on the front tho- more point and shoot in the corners when riding trails.
Love the tires ! excellent all around tire for sure.

good choice IMO !
I think this one is my favorite
my Rancher could run like this all day

playing in the snow with the Foreman on the 2nd one.
The friend I ride with a lot is a Mudliter, the epic battle will begin this spring .

Any of you guys have head to head story's of these two popular tires?

eg where one tire outperformed the other?

hahaaaaa my mudbugs are here~!!!

those 27 12 rears totally dwarf the stockers, mudbugs look awesome, can;t wait untily they are on!. I am going to to pull off the wheels tonight and get them mounted tomorrow.

Do you guys get ATV tires "balanced"? or just bring them to the tire shop and tell them to mount them?

i have 28's on my yellow foreman and done followed any and every thing
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