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QUOTE ("rubyandforeman":1fqggd3t)
i say the big bear 400 cuz irs. diff lock. it will go more places than a foreman will. foremans suck... any way mine does.
agreed and then some ruby.
less manteince with the honda? are you mentaly retarded ?
the 400cc BB motor has been around for years and years. might not be the fastest bike around or the prettiest but its tuff and geared very low. IRS is a must for any mud stituation and a locker sure is usefull in mud or even techincal trails..

you think the 500 foremans are soo great look on the front page of this section how many problem threads are there?? ES, u-joints all that stuipd carry on. honda really has been shitting the bed when it comes to modle improvements since 05+.

go pay LESS for the yami and have a ball.

great explination omF i learned so much about the 500 foremans features from your post, a little more detail would have made rancher crazy 01 choice between the 2 that much more easyer.

1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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