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foreman500 fan wont kick on

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my buddy has a 07 500. the fan wont kick on. we went riding all day and heated it up and no fan.... any suggestions?
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had a similar problem on my Polaris, we put a switch in place of the heat sensor. i guess you need to follow a process of elimination.
does fan work -(put direct power to it)
does the cables have power on them -(test with a tester)
I would guess it would be the sensor if that is the case it needs to be replaced or you need to put it on a switch and just know when you need to turn it on.
if i missed something chime in,
check the fuse 1st
QUOTE ("oldyeller":agh94xw2)
check the fuse 1st
i knew i was missing something. start with the simple things first and work your way up.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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