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1998 Honda Foreman 450 4x4
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Hey Ya'll

So here is the skinny of it. Was out following my buddy on his YZ250. He was going around the mud holes, I was not. Hit a really huge bounty hole, made it across, and the poor thing just died. Yes I did basically drowned it.
Got it back, found out that I lost compression. Tore the engine down and found that the rings on the piston had seized up ( probably due to the water/mud contamination ). Only one issue with disassembly, which was those stupid 10mm bolts holding the cylinder barrel to the crank case. It broke, but was drilled out and re-taped correctly. The wrist pin came out with out much of an issue.
Ebay'ed a new cylinder barrel, piston, and wrist pin. Everything went back together nicely. Figured job well done.. Started up and in about two hours and six miles later catastrophic failure. Never had the overheat light come on, which might be faulty at this point? Please see the pictures of the damage. Just need some ideas of cause of failure. I want to get it back up and running again.



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