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foreman wont start

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Hey every one iam haveing a problem with my quad its an 06 foreman the fuel gage is flashing all the bars but the tank is full and the bike wont start if any one has any ideas please help
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mine wouldnt start today also i turned out to be a loose ground on the neg. termanal on the battery.
Don't guess, you happened to have had the gas turned off? When I did it and turned back to normal, it would no longer start with the gas valve in normal position. I have to run mine on reserve and runs just fine.
I hit a bump in the trail once and the bike died and would not start after 5 min realized I hit the KILL switch with my thumb maybe check that

frist off thanks for thos suggestions but i started with all that stuff befor i came here its weird the bike seems to be geting a spark and gas but wont start i pulled the float for the fuel gage and it was fairly well corroded and stiff i dont know if its something to do with that but i made an appointment today to bring it in for service so when i finde out whats up i will let you guys know
Thanks Agane
pull the carb off and make sure your jets are not pluged up.
It would more than likely start with one of the circuits in carb plugged. Let us know what it is.
I just had the same problem today and honda is closed...

After lunch today I was going to round up some limbs that fell from a recent hurricane. I remember the last time I used my foreman I was unloading some horse feed and I had to use the reserve on my tank, I just used it and then parked it. This was two weeks ago. Today I filled up the tank with fresh 93 oct. fuel before attempting to even start it, all the bars on the fuel level indicator lit up and is steady blinking. I switch it to "on" and nothing. Switched to "res" nothing just dies out if I don't stay on the throttle, or choke it.

I hope someone can help out, if not I will start researching the carb. I don't have a service manual so if anyone has any links that would be nice.

I can only make sense of the tank running low and maybe allowing some sort of deposit to enter the carb? Again, it will run fine with the choke on or throttle engaged. When either is released it will sputter and die.

I hope someone can relate to the problem.

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