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Foreman won't idle when its cold out!!

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Hello Guys and Gals. Brand new to the club. I have an 05 foreman ES bone stock. Just have one question about idle when it is cool outside. If it is cool out it just doesn't want to run without choking it and letting it warm up for quite a long time. I had an old 300 fourtrax that was ready to go at below freezing temps after just a minute or two. What can I do to fix this. New jet? Air fuel mixture? It runs great above 40 degrees or so and once it has warmed up. Any info would be great. I am in Indiana.
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turn up your idle adjustment.
i live in central illinois and when its cold out side especially when we go hunting i have to pull out the choke start it, let it sit for about a minutes, then rev it for about another min. by then it can move with the choke out so i pull it out and ride it for about 30 seconds then puss the choke in and it is ready to go.
Any other opinions out there? I hate to turn up the idle because it is fine when it is warm out and once it warms up. "5-10minutes" when it is cold out. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.
Just one of those Honda things that you'll have to live with.If you change to a richer jet it would help during the cold but wouldn't help much when it's warmed up,just waste gas and maybe foul sparkplugs.I have to let mine run with the choke on for at least 5 minutes.
I live in Alaska, we have to let them run with the choke on for almost five minutes as well. If you start to drive before it is warmed up fully, be gentle with it. It is ok to drive after say 2 minutes, just take it easy for a couple more minutes. I wouldn't even get on the throttle for at least 7-10 minutes. The risk you run if you get impatient and start to ride hard right out of the gate is, your piston and jug will expand and different rates and you end up scratching up your piston and jug. This is also known as a cold sieze. It definatly pays to be a little patient warming it up. A lot of guys up here like to bore their snowmacines and fourwheelers up here. We try to get the cast pistons when possible because your jug is cast. The forged piston is the most common though. Warming it up very good is really important here because it is a different kind of metal that expands at a totally different rate. They work great and are still very reiliable. You just have to be very careful to warm them up good before you ride them hard. Hope this helps.
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I like to let mine warm up while I get the ramps and tie-downs set up on my truck,but when it's really cold out I have to stay with the Foreman and tend to the choke and throttle to keep it running,I know,it's frustrating,but after all what's the big hurry?It's beter for the engine to let it warm up before hammering on it.
You don't have to live with that poor idle when cold. Install an iridium spark plug. Doesn't make it so you don't have to use the choke when stone cold but will idle way better and can shut the choke off way quicker. On nicer days will not have to choke it at all.
I just start mine up 10 to 15 minutes before i ride and its ready to go. Longer the better.
Try that NGK Iridium spark plug you will notice a big difference. Worth every bit of $9.00. The part number is under my mods list.
I let mine warm up everytime I ride it. I don't see where it's a big deal. Just let it warm up.
Thanks. I will try the spark plug. I am just glad it is starting to warm up here in Indiana. Thanks Again.
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