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<<<foreman will not stay running>>>

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After lunch today I was going to round up some limbs that fell from a recent hurricane. I remember the last time I used my foreman I was unloading some horse feed and I had to use the reserve on my tank, I just used it and then parked it. This was two weeks ago. Today I filled up the tank with fresh 93 oct. fuel before attempting to even start it, all the bars on the fuel level indicator lit up and is steady blinking. I switch it to "on" and nothing. Switched to "res" nothing just dies out if I don't stay on the throttle, or choke it.

I hope someone can help out, if not I will start researching the carb. I don't have a service manual so if anyone has any links that would be nice.

I can only make sense of the tank running low and maybe allowing some sort of deposit to enter the carb? Again, it will run fine with the choke on or throttle engaged. When either is released it will sputter and die.

I hope someone can relate to the problem.

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almost sounds like you an air lock.... try getting some air into the top of the tank , either by blowing into a hose . holding your hand firmly over the tank opening , try to force the air bubble through! , You had it parked on flat surface ? , may have picked up some sediment from the bottom of the tank . if ur fuel was that low ( slooshing around etc ) But i would to force it through first while running the engine , if not ...only alturnative, would be to open ur float bowl . fuel line let some gas flow through , look for sediment in fuel bowl ..... hope this helps you
thanks for the help, may try that next.

I bought a new spark plug, as the old one was fouled. Same thing. I next went to take of the carb to maybe see if I could easily it out. I could only get one of the top screws out of the plate ( shiny) The other three seem to be stripped out. Is their an easier way to access the bowl or an area to clean out the gas?

It seems to be running rich, I say this because of the soot on the plug. It runs about 2 seconds after the throttle is released back to idle, where it died immediately before. I hope someone can help out. I will try to blow it through with compressed air next.
i you pull off the recoil starter cover and look at the carb and you will see a brass screw loosen it and gas will come out the drain tube that s under the floor board let it run for like 30 seconds and you bowl sould be cleared. the A/F screw is on the bottom of the carbartor. it's the one with the squre head you will have to take some small pliers to turn it. i think to lean it out you ahve to turn the screw in.

I will give that a try. I let the gas run from the bowl yesterday and had no effect.

Can I maybe undo the carb bottom to acces the float? Is there any thing to watch out for? (Springs, pins, anything that will fall out?

Maybe someone could post up a pic of a service manual, because I don't have one, **** I didn't think I would need one as it's so new.

Thanks for all the help,

Just cleaned out the bowl in the carb and after it warms up for about 5-10 min. it'll idle without being choked. My next step will be a complete rebuild on the carb I guess. It's a pain to have to let it run choked for that long before having fun. If anyone has experience please chime in. I will also be looking for a manual.
just pull the carb loose and take the bowl off and clean the jet and ports out using air or carb cleaner, it doesn't take much to plug the main jet. A grain of sand will drive you crazy. No parts will be needed other than cleaning fluid.
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