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foreman vs. rubicon

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What has a better stock tire and wheel combination the 2006 foreman, or 2006 rubicon? I’ve got the foreman and my brother has the rubicon which are both stock. I have to admit it that the rubicon rims look pretty nice and sleek. Plus they don’t have the lip on the outside of the rim that the foremen ones do that catches water and mud that I hate. The foreman rims look like they are just there to hold the tires on and nothing more.

I am wondering if the rims are the same size for both ATV’s but just different designs? And I think the tread pattern might be slightly different from the two sets of tires, so which would be a better tire? All in all, I would like trade the rims before he sells it but didn’t know if it is worth dismounting and mounting 8 tires to do it or just swap the whole things out.
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I checked and they both have the exact same tires.
Fronts are Dunlop KT181 AT25x8-12
Rears are Dunlop KT185 AT25x10-12
I'm still wondering about what the differences are between the rims though.
the foreman has steel rims and the rubi has alum. rims. also the rubi alum. rims are around half the weight of the steel rims
I thought I read somewhere that the rubicon rims can bend or crack easier than the foreman ones.
Switch the rims, Alum is always better than steel, Much lighter and nicer looking. And if you bend or crack one then you would have done the same thing to the steel rim, i bet 90%+ people on here have alum rims.
Didn't know if there were other advantages to them besides looks and less weight.
Another advantage is Aluminum will not rust and if you buy the ITP ss series you"ll get a lifetime warrenty!!
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