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foreman trans. or gear promblem???

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need some help! only makes a knocking noise in 1st gear. no other gear does it not even rev. you can hear it just a little in nuetral but barely. if any one knows what it can be if you would let me know. thanks.
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What year & model of Foreman is this bike ..?..

Do you mean it only makes the noise when your driving in 1st gear ..?..
or sitting in 1st gear ..?
its a 05 foreman 500 s . no we went mud riding today and i got 27x 12 outlaws all round. went threw the hole fine got on dry ground started making it in just 1st when riding no other gear. pretty loud almost like blew 1st gear.
It could be your first gear, Robb on here has lost his twice and another guy also.
have any idea how hard to change? price?
Did you get the extended warranty? I did it once on an old 250ex, pain in the butt. I don't know how much the dealership would charge but I don't think it would be cheap. Good luck.
Robb's first one was warrantied. This one will not be. It is in the shop (not the dealer) now, having the motor torn own. I think it will be the middle of the week before he really has idea on the charges, but I am sure it will be several $bills$.
Has this bike had the "clutch drive plate replacement" recall ..?.. or does it fall into the serial number range..

We've changed a couple of dozen on these bikes ..and on 3 of the bikes the centrifugal clutch would pull off with your fingers (didn't need the puller) these bikes had to have new crankshafts installed ..they had a rattle/knock in them ..
Robb has had the recall done on his.
the bike has not had the clutch replacement. i didnt buy the extended warranty nether. my grandpa is the general manager at a honda dealer here in baton rouge so the parts wont be the problem it will be the problems i will run into gettin the bike ready for the rides coming up.
You will have to check your serial number to see if it is in the serial number range..
will that clutch replacement fix the problem? definitely wouldnt hurt!
Kinda sounds like mine, only mine would do it when it was under a load only. Normal driving in 1st no noises, but if I went through any water, or a mud hole and had to give it some gas it would pop, it sounded to me like a mising tooth or something on the gear. I should know this week exactly what it is.
It is a lot of work to fix or replace, you have to tear the whole motor down, thats why I opted to bring it to someone. To much work.
i seen

i seen mine tore apart and it was not first gear it was something else but u still haft to tear apart the motor. yea im that other guy that broke first gear i thought.. and i need a new crank shaft.
I couldn't remember what your name was and was too lazy to look
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