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foreman strength

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ok everyone wondering if you should buy a foreman or not. well my bodys girl friend flipped his vinson 500 and i just totalled the amount out to be about 450 to buy the parts she broke and my body flipped my foreman 500 the exact same way and all he broke was the snorkel pipe which cost be 1.00 for a new adapter for 2" pipe. now that is strength
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Thats a Honda for ya!!!
Mine has been flipped a couple of times and the only thing I have hurt is my ego. These things are tough as nails.
HONDA POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really like to hear those kinds of stories..because i have flipped mine over a couple of times and been fortunate enough not to break anything.....
Im glad i own a honda and dont have to worry about my belts getting wet either...
You gotta love honda's
Yep I when I was rolling mine back on its wheels after a forward flip I thought it would at least have a crack in the platics or a bent something, but nothing was wrong
QUOTE ("Green05Giant":uqshgsz7)
Im glad i own a honda and dont have to worry about my belt getting wet either...
well it can happen if your not wearing waders, then your nuts get wet....that sucks.

oh you were talking about the auto utility's have belts converting that really sucks
i was

i was riding a 700 suk fuel injected 4wheeler and man did that thing have some power intill i went in to a deep hole!!!!!!!!! and a down for that one.
only thing thats happen to mine is bent handle bars . but thats it.
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