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Foreman Sputtering....

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I washed the foreman last weekend and sprayed it off while the seat was off to clean around the battery and frame. When I tried to start it back up it started to sputter and wouldnt drive unless I pulled the choke. I changed the plug and allowed it to dry for a few days and still I get get sputtering when I try to accelerate. I was using a high pressure washer when I was cleaning the foreman Im wondering if I blew some connection apart because not only is it sputtering but my fan doesnt work anymore. I have it wired to a toggle switch.
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what shape is your K&N in? might need to be cleaned. i have heard of the k&ns lettin crap into the carb, might need to check that.
foreman sputter

i had the same thing happen to me and did exactly what you did with the pressure washer . it would crank and idle but when you gave it gas it cut off .. the problem was there was water in the bowl or the gas tank ? i drained all the gas out and drained the bowl at the screw at the bottom . then i took off the carburator and dissassembled it and there it was dirt and mud build up in the bowl !!! what happens is when the bowl fills up it pulls mud or dirt from the bottom of the bowl into the jets which causes it to cut out when you give it gas !!! once i drained any excess water from the tank and carburator i took the carb off aND CLEANED IT THROUGHLY WITH GUM CUTTER CARB CLEANER .. put it all back together and it runs like a champ .. let me know how it goes . almost gaurantee thats your problem .. later man !!!!!!!
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Thanks I will try to clean the carb this weekend.....
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