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Foreman spinning 28laws

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can a 500 spin 28 12.5 laws in the back and will they rub im getting 9.5 in the front and i dont think they will rub will they
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The rears will rub and you will either need to bend the floorboard supports or get a fender kit from HL. I don't think you will be spinning those rears without a clutch kit. I had 28" 589's and I really couldn't spin
the tires without the clutch kit and the LAW'S are very agressive and heavier than the 589's
I run the same setup and without the spacers the rear left rubbed the exhaust. The front tires rub the floor support under the front fender when you make sharp turns. Even rubbed with the spacers. I took the bracket off, put it in a vice, and bent them in. Cheaper then buying the fender kit from HL.
thanks yall do you think 27s would rub
27x12's in rear might rub. My 28's rubbed the exhaust with a 2 inch lift.
My tires never rubbed my exhaust.I only have spacers in the front. My friend runs 27" Swamplites without a lift and has no rub also. Are you sure you have the right offset rim in the rear?
i have stock rear rims. the side of the tire lug rubbed the exhaust. Don't rub now with the spacers on.

I'll let ya know how the 27's do after sunday. I'm goin to tear some "stuff" up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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