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Foreman Shifting

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Im new here and I hope somebody can help me. I have a 99 Foreman 450ES. About 2 years ago it was submerged...long story. I had it completely rebuilt and everything on it is running perfect. After I got it back from the mechanic I rode it for a while and it was fine. Then it stopped shifting. I changed the angle sensor, the CDI box, cleaned all the connections. Finally a few months ago I changed the battery and everything was fine. Well there was a HUGE party/mud ride this past weekend. I tried to take it through the shallow parts as much as possible. It ran fine until I got ready to leave and when I cranked it up to leave it wouldnt shift. Anybody know what to do? Any advice at all will help. Thanks.
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First clean all the wire couplers with contact/brake cleaner then grease them with dielectric grease ..
And get the new sensor ..Honda changed part #'s and came out with an up-dated sensor .. We've had better luck with the TRX350FE sensor .. I believe the 450 sensor is HN0 & the 350 sensor is HP0
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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