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Foreman rebuild?

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I was wondering about what I should do? I have a 04 foreman es and it's smoking. I think it's from water and mud getting in the pull starter but I'm not for sure. I dont ride in really deep water but just a lot of mud and a few creeks. I have already had it rebuilt one time by a dealership. I'm thinking I might do it myself this time. Also, I was wanting to maybe go ahead and put a big bore kit on it. Anyone ever done it before? Results? Or should I just go ahead and put it back stock. I found a big bore kit at highlifter, what all do I need to do this? Thanks for the info.
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how long did the last top end rebuild last. If it didn't last long, you will be wasting your money on a new bore. Without opening up the bottom end and doing a good cleaning/inspection.
prbably about 10 rides but the dealer said the bottom was fine and i was just wondering if it could have been the pull start that quik. i'm thinkin now i might just sell it if it's gonna cost a lot to fix it. how hard would it be to do the bottom also? What do you think might be a good price 1600 miles 288 hrs.
even if the shop said the bottom end was fine, did you tell them that it had water and mud in the engine before they repaired the top end.

As far as a price to repair, you want really know untill you tear it down for inspection and clean it out.

The last one I rebuilt cost me alittle over $700 in just parts. New crank, crank bearings, timing chain, gks/seal kit, bore job and piston kit. I can't really say on a sale price, it's hard to get rid of a smoking bike.
10-4 I appreciate all the info!
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