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Foreman rear end

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is it just me, or does everybody have trouble with water getting in their rear gear case every time you hit a mudhole???????if not, how do you stop it?!?!?!?
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Did you run the vent tube up to the handle bars... Ths might be the source....
where is the vent tube located at?
Find your front and rear differential. There will be a nipple on there with a small black rubber hose going up. Sometimes, they are run up a few inches and then bent over. Take this hose and run it up the the top of the bike. It is a vent tube for the differential. I ran all of mine ( 2 Carb vents, front and rear differential vents, fan vent, ect.. ) up under the headlight pod. No problems so far. The 650 Rincon is a 2003 and I just last week changed the rear diff fluid. I just turned 1990 miles on the bike and I am in the water more that out. It came out as clear as the new fluid Iput in.. Here are some pics..
Don't feel alone. I have ours snorkeled & everything vented & still get some
water in there. I just change the differential fluids quite often. Probably after
every third ride or so.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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