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Hey everybody, first post here for me, just have a couple of basic questions that I haven't been able to find the answer to. My dad and I are about to purchase a Foreman 500 4X4 S together.

- Is it shift on the fly?
- Will it accelerate as fast as the Eiger 400's, Rancher 350's, Grizzly 450's? (this is what I ride with)
- Do the S and ES have the same guages? What all do the guages show?

I'm sure I'll have more questions before we purchase, and we are pretty set on the 500, but I'm just extremely curious. We decided on Honda again for sure; the Vinson was in the mix, but we eliminated it because it doesnt have any type of front differential system to help out in the mud, and also brand preference lol. Anyway, thanks for any answers you guys can give me.

Oh, and how fast will these things run?
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good choice on the honda
i dont know what you mean by shift on the fly but you need to keep shiftign up through the gears the faster you go, im not sure about accceleration compared to the other bikes you mentioned, but i could imagine it would since none of them were 500's. the guages show fuel level, what gear you are in, speed, time, theres a 4x4 light, neutral light, engine overheat light that all it can think of off the top of my head. mine will do 105 kilometers(i have no idea how many miles that is) with stock tires
Oh, sorry, I was unclear on the "shift-on-the-fly" thing. I meant between 2WD and 4WD. Can you shift from 2WD TO 4WD while moving, or do you guys think it's best to stop first?
Eh, I accidentally double-posted my previous message, and I can't figure out how to delete this I'm just changing it completely lol.

I was just gonna say I found where someone on powersportsnetwork said the new 500's will run around 61mph. It also said that the Kodiak 450 he rides with runs about 58mph, so I know I can hang with the one I ride with.
thats in perfect conditions too probably a flat road with stock tires, which im sure you'll upgrade. The only things i cant keep up with on wide open flat is the bigger bikes like the rincon and brutes. But trails i can keep right with them.
How does the Traxlock do? Is it as good as a front locker, or at least close? I'm not sure how it works exactly...if a wheel is completely in the air, for example, does ALL the power get transferred to the other wheel, or just most? Or am I completely off track? lol

And can Foreman 500's usually pull onto the rear tires this easily, or is this just one of those situations where everthing had to come together just right for this to happen? Basically, I'm asking if the Foreman can pull the front wheels off the ground at all, on flat ground lol.

<a href="" target="_blank"> ... 1635364318</a>

i whould like to see a foreman 500 run 61mph.
cuz at 60 im bouchin off rev limtier
You can shift on the fly! Just like a truck. I have only had mine up to 55 but I'm a big guy. Traxlock is just hondas 2wd/4wd. It don't have anything to do with a "locker" just the switch from 2wd to 4wd. If you tap your front breaks the front end will spin both tires. I'm sure you can get it to do a willy with a pipe and jet kit.
58mph squatting down on flat country road...and got smoked by a V-twin Praire, passed me like I was standing still.
on road squating down downhill i hit 62 but it was down hill lol
Maybe the one he was referring to was the 2WD..? I'm not sure how much of a difference that would make, but i could see 2mph or so in 2WD as opposed to 4WD.

And how much difference will a jet kit make as far as performance? What are the downsides to a jet kit? I don't want to make a brand new ATV run like crap lol.
There is no need to get a jet kit unless you change your exhaust.
Oh okay, thanks marcust. So about the front differential, if i get stuck with one wheel not touching the ground, will I be reduced to 2WD on the Foreman, or will the front wheel thats on the ground still get power and spin?
If one of the front wheels is off the ground then you will basically be 2WD but you can apply the front brakes lightly and it will give power to both front wheels.
**Just got a price quote from the local dealerships. None of the dealerships will budge on the '07's, but one has an '06 that they will sell for $5400 (as opposed to $6299 for the '07). It's a 4x4 ES, olive green.

- Are there any problems with the ES shifting mechanism?
- Are there any differences between the '06 and '07 models?

We wanted a 2007 red 4x4 S, but if the '06 and '07 models are basically the same and there are no problems with the ES, we will jump on this deal now. What do you guys think??
I say go for it!!! i just bought mine (2006 olive green es) for 5390 out the door. I have a few relatives with es' and have yet to hear of a problem with any of them.
We are either going with that ^ or an '06 Rubicon for around $6300, we haven't decided yet. We are now leaning more towards the Rubicon, because my dad has arthritis in his hands, and it may be best for him to at least have the option of driving it in automatic mode.

Either way, we plan to upgrade to Swamplite's ($260) or ITP 589 M/S (if they have any, I haven't asked yet). I'm not sure which of these tires is better for mud, but we are getting probably one or the other, hopefully in 26".
i would go with 27's and also from what i here i would go to Chatanooga to get a bike because they are way cheaper than anybody else.
Well, we don't plan to travel more than an hour or two to pick it up, so probably won't make it to Chatanooga. Also, I'm thinking about 26's because I want a good tire for the trails and some mud, while still not taking away too much power or being hard to steer. I also don't know how my dad would feel about 27's, because he doesn't really want to go bigger than stock at all...he likes to keep things the way they come from the factory for the most part.
It would be worth the trip to Southernhonda in chattanoga
2006 Foreman ES 4X4 $4683 OTD
2007 Foreman ES 4X4 $5683 OTD
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