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Foreman or Rubicon

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Which machine would be better for 50% trail and mud and 50% work. I know that the foreman has more power, but the auto feature of the Rubicon is nice also. I would like to hear from both owners. I'll post this on the Rubicon site also.
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FOREMAN, Strictly for the pulling power. The auto feature would be nice if you were strictly a trail rider. If you will be mudding and pulling, the standard transmission is the way to go. I'm sure others will disagree with me, its just a preference thing. If you go standard transmission get the ES model. I have the ES model and was leery at first as I was used to foot shift. Now I would have nothing else. The main thing is get a HONDA! Either way, Auto or Standard you will be happy.
the foreman would definetly be better for mud and pulling, but for trail the rubicon would be the way to go, i bought the foreman mainly for the simplicity and reliability, i have ridden both machines both have excellent power and if i had to choose again i honestly don't know what i would pick, i like automatic on the rubicon and the fact that it rides so much smoother than the foreman, the rubicon will beat the foreman in a race by a lenght up till 60 km/h then the foreman starts to catch up and pass it, but nothing can top the foremans first gear for turning big tires or pulling power, you really need to ride both machines and see which one you like most. if you do get the foreman i would get the s model because you still have a bit of clutch control, not to knock the es model definetly nicer in deep water.
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