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foreman or outlander???

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hey guys............i know most of you will probably say formen because this is a foreman site but my question is what is better........a 2005 outlander 400H.O. or a honda 2006 honda foreman 500?...........and any opiniions on the outlander would be appreciated(sp?)

thanx guys
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How much do they want for the outlander? Is rear irs? Is it a belt drive or manual tranny? What do you plan on using it for? Personally i like my foreman and know absolutly nothing about the outlanders and have only seen like 3 on the trail and have never really looked at them.
I have a friend that has the Outlander and he brags about the frame..It supposedly is very thin and a tall clearance and likes the power. BUT..When we ride ( With some 350 Ranchers, 450 Foremans, 500 Foremans and 650 Rincons ) his seems to be the one we are pulling out the most. Why?...I dont know. I haven't been ablt to tell if it is the operator or the machine
it is IRS and has 9.7 inches of gorund clearance, and my dad can get it brand the box still with 3 year waranty for 4900.00...........i have driven one but not much......i just used my dads friends outlander to pull my bear out and it did a fine job.....i know ;that it won ATV of the year i think last year or the year befor.......................i know they are fast.........they will run a good 60+mph and they are only a any other opinions............o yeah and it is a real 4 wheel drive..........not just a 3 wheel drive.........not bashing on a honda just stating a point

thanx guys
Heck i say give it a shot, sounds like a pretty capible rig. Honda power!!!!!!!!!
You will only know if you get on it and put it thru your OWN test on the trails and in the mud. Good luck
bump to the top ttt ...................sorry guys i dont know which one works on this site..........
In my opinion, they have one of the best 4wd systems on the market. It is
called Viskolok. It acts like a limited slip until it loses traction, then they all
lock up. Kinda like a locker without havin' to activate it. It does it all by itself.
i really like it and we can get it for a good price but i just dont like that you cant get many upgrades for it, which i probably wont get any upgrades any way so thats why i like this machine, its fast, comfortable, it has 1200 ibs towing compacity, and irs rear and fron suspension.........any other opinions would be apreciated
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