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Foreman on zillas!!!

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Just wanted to let everyone know that the foreman handled the 28 zillas great. In fact, my wife competed in the womens mud bog and won. I love the tires and I can't believe the traction that they provide. Much better than the mudlites.

I posted a vid of it on putfile. I don't know if it works. The mac I have is kind of funny about streaming.

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Very Very cool... congrats to her Was that in 1st gear? Bike sounded good too!!
wow the bike sounds really good, and made the mud bogg look like nothin
yeah that was 1st. I do need a clutch kit though for the thicker stuff. It bogged just a little in the sticky mud,but never quit turning. And that tractor muffler sounds great IMO. I also only had two of the new wheels on. The other two didn't show till today. It should do alot better with the lite wheels all around. Thanks for the complements.
Do you have a DGL in that machine?? Cause if not, all the people that rag on the Honda 3wd need to watch that vid!!! Very clear that all 4 are going good!
**** that looked fun!
Robb I don't have a DGL yet. I am planning on one soon though. I want to clutch kit it first, and then I will look at the DGL along with some gorillas because I think the zillas will take there toll after a while. I was going through rutted holes with those zillas that were badd. It usually just took a little lean to one side to pull through. But I think the DGL will make the foreman almost unstoppable on the trail.

I've got some other video of me in the pit. I raced in the SRA class, but I have to tell you I had some serious competion. There were 6 of us in the class. 2 prarie 700's(one running nitrous), a 700 twin peaks, the brute force 650, a 450 forman and me. The other foreman swamped out. I don't know what happened to it. He just died in the mud. I pulled the 5th spot so I had to run after all of these bikes. all were running at least 28's with some 29.5's and I had to run after the big brute. Hmm all big bores and us two hondas. I didn't place but the I finished within 3 seconds of the winner. Which was the prarie on 28 EDLs and nitrous. I have to say, that my foreman was running awsome this weekend, I got alot of complements about it. Even got invited to join several clubs after this ride. I will post the vid tommorow.
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She definately looks like she knows what she is doin'. What kind of pipe is that anyway. I read something about a tractor pipe?
so where was this contest? do they do it monthly? i cant see the **** video computer at work wont let me access the site.
Have yall watched any of the other videos on that site, look at the frist one uder all time favorites.
QUOTE ("Railroader":3a9mddfv)
She definately looks like she knows what she is doin'. What kind of pipe is that anyway. I read something about a tractor pipe?

Stanley muffler model FO-13 available at your local tractor supply. $21.95
She will also be at the ride with us at red creek. She'll be on her Rincon.
Good video, the bike sounds good. I'm glad to hear your pleased w/ the tires. Those are great tires. You can hit it all in 2nd w/ no probs once you get a clutch kit.
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