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Foreman not wanting to crank right??

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I put the HMF utility pipe on about 3 months ago and added a KN filter and replaced the stock jet with the jet that came with the pipe and it ran like a champ until last night. It acted light it was flooded and did not want to start or idle. After a few minutes of checking the gas, choking it, setting the fule on reserve it cranked and ran awesome. I thought it might have some trash in the carb, no big deal. Tonight I crank it up and ride it for a little while and come back home a shut it off and go back to ride it again after 2-3 hours the same issues are back just like last night. The only thing I have not checked is the plug. Does anyone know where the problem might be?
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may want to check the plug difinately. could be fouling out with the extra air flow from the k&n. i dont know if you have your drain off the bottom of the carb plugged but you may want to pull the screw and see if any gas drains out. just a thought.
i have not touched to drain plug on the bottom of the air box at all. I hope I can get a chance to check the plug tommorrow.
i had a problem similiar to that and mine was caused by the vent tube coming out of the gas cap was getting kinked and not allowing gas to flow down into the carb....kinda created a suction.....may want to make sure that tube is clear.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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