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Foreman Noobie Stuck in Snow Help

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I got my 1st ATV ever, an '07 foreman 500 stuck in about 18 inches of snow today up in the mountains. I put it in reverse and got a little traction, then I put it in first and could feel it start to go foward. The engine was revving pretty high in first, but I was barely moving so I didn't wan't to change gears in fear of stopping again. I heard a few knocks from the fuel tank area and let off the throttle, and before I completly stopped again I gave it some throttle and heard the knocks again. (About 5 in a row) This got me out of the snow. So I headed home (about 15 miles) and heard no unsual noises and the knocks never happened again. Did I do any damage to my ATV by revving so high in 1st gear? The knocks have not come back and it sounds normal but I do not want any problems down the road. How should I have gotten out of the snow properly? Thanks for any help
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The knocking you heard was likely wheel hop or the popping of hitting the rev limiter, in both cases not great. Better plan would have been to stop, switch to second, then rev it up again, that way you would not be so quick to hit the limiter. Wheel hop, if that was the case, can break axles, so best to stop if that is happening. I myself prefer to use these to get through the snow
Hey the knoking that you have heard, is the front diff axles that was

The both wheels spins and jump at the same time, it is not a big deal but
do not leave it spinning like that all day hehe.

Mine and some friends where riding in lots of snow and uphill, all of the quads, Foreman and Grizz had the same sound cumming from the front end.

Not a big deal and do not leave it full trottle !

My 2 cents.

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Heres what works for me. As soon as you stop moving forward and start to dig in , STOP. Get off the bike and using very little throttle try to ease the bike back up on top of the snow without spinning the tires. Even better if a buddy or two can help push the bike. This will usually get you back under way much quicker than breaking out the winch.
If the snow is only 18 inches or so you can try rocking the bike and shifting your weight to get enough traction to move.
When we get off our bikes and end up chest deep in powder and can't walk the bike back on top, the only option is the winch. Again don't spin the tires.
I'd have to agree with H4, you're better off stopping as soon as you spin when it comes to snow, unless hard soil isn't too deep. Swallow that pride and push, I say.
Thank You Guys for the input. Me mind is at ease. The next time I get stuck I will definitly STOP and try what yous guys have told me. AND THOSE TRACKS ARE BITCHIN Wish I had an extra couple grand lying around to get some. I'll be savin' since that looks like the best way to defeat das snow.
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