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Foreman MPG?

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I am getting ready to go on a run at Pine Mountain in South Central KY with members from my church. One day is supposed to be about a 100 mile run, the next day a 60 mile run. Veteran runners say to bring a 2.5 gallon tank and strap it to the rack, 'cause chances are, I might run out of gas.

I know the tank on my new Foreman holds alot of gas. Wondering what kind of mileage you guys get on your atv's?
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dont know for sure but i read somewhere on a nother forum that they get about 112 miles on a tank and im sure it aslo depends on how you ride it...If i were you i think i would bring the extra gas just in case you want to play in some mud or something..
wow 112 miles a tank!! im lucky if i can get 70miles... but thats alot of mudriding in 1st gear, and hammering on it... one day this summer ill see what she can get on the creek..
I will do about 100 miles before a fill when just trail riding with two people on the machine
I will be carrying a small gas tank. Sure don't want to have to be pulled all the way out from a long day ride.
yea i get like 40 miles a tank damm water wheelies
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yea i get like 40 miles a tank damm water wheelies
u sux iget 74 miles out of mine after reserve
i had 77 on my rancher and still had a 1/4 tank or a hair more........that's one of the reasons i like it.....for those extra long rides.
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