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Foreman is sputtering and dying!!!

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Normally I would go with what I know and not ask, but this is not my specialty!!! I got good fire and sparkplug. Only thing different is an HMF pipe and a lean condition. I was riding around at night and been doing everything possible with my foreman, when while just idling along it started to sputter and then died. I tried to restart it and it wouldn't start. I waited about 5minutes and tried again and it finally startedand ran fine at a more open throttle. when we rode about 5-10 mins and it started sputtering again and died. I started it again but revved it up alot thinking maybe it was getting loaded up with something. But it died again and didnt start and I was towed back to camp. I checked sparkplug which is when I noticed it was alittle lean and spark and it was good so that leaves a fuel issue. Any ideas?
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same thing happened to me the other day but i reckon i had hit the choke on. when i found this i turned it off and it worked fine. that was my problem. didnt have a brain fart did ya? if not i dont kow what the problem is
No, I didn't accidently have the choke on, I DID have to use it to try to start it though, it worked the first time.... I have a K&N filter and dynojet kit on order and will be tearing into the carb when all this comes in and clean that thing out and hope for the best. My best guess is either crap in the bowl, or its too lean from the pipe I put on.
Could you have water in the gas?
Water in gas is possible...... I pressure wash my wheeler so I could have shot some in there somehow. I plan on checking everything fuel related out when my jet kit and k&n come in. Top to bottom front to back, every tank, line, hose! And I plan on completely tearing down my carb and cleaning it also.
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