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Foreman Help?

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I have a fairly new 450 foreman (700 Miles). It started to miss a little then it just bogged down. It will still start up and run but when i give it gas it wants to bogg down. I thought the air filter may have been clogged but we checked it and there was a great deal of air flow coming back through the carb where it should be taking air in. Could it be out of time or do i have bigger problems? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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what does the plug look like? may be trying to foul out or could be trash in the carb. What where you doing when this started?
I wasn't ridin hard i was just puttin along ridin through the pasture. I thought it was the plug that is the first thing i did was put a new plug in but it didn't seem to keep. I also drained the bowl out of the carb. Any other ways to clean the carb.
the only way to clean the carb. right is to remove it. you say it will crank and run. Does it idle ruff at start up? Do you use the choke to crank it? Is it possible the choke could be stuck open? Check the carb vents and make sure they are not plugged. With only 700 miles on the bike, I dont think the timing has jumped, but anything is possible.
with a lot of air coming out of the back of the carb, u could have a bet valve. have you ever sunk the unit? had water in the cylinder? or had alot of water in the air box? the reason i am asking is that if you have and tried to turn it over without taking the plug out you could have bent a valve. but if no water i would check timing and and do a comoression check.
My bike hasn't been sunk as long as i have had it, and i have had it since it had 200 miles on it. I don't have to choke it to start it and it is idling a little rough. I do know that it has a small exhaust leak coming out of the manifold.
Sounds like you've got gunk in the jets of the carb. You'll need to remove it to clean it.

I had a similar problem with my bike. When I cleaned the carb, I also added an in-line fuel filter. I haven't had a problem with it since (knock on wood).

Good luck,

I had the same problem and had to take the carb apart and clean it out...not an easy or enjoyable task.
Have to remove completely as others have stated and really pay close attention to reassemble properly if notan experienced mechanic. Your leak in the might want to tackle this first to see if it improves runability.
Thanks for all the good info. I will try all u have suggested. I think your right i will start with my exhaust leak first. then if that doesn't help clean the jets in the carb. Thanks again.
Ok i cleaned the carb and checked the choke to make sure it wasn't sticking. Everything seemed to be in working order and still nothing. It has gotten to where it won't even start and run now even with a new spark plug. I think next i will check and see if it has jumped time. Should that be my next move? Thanks again.
hard to believe that would happen...but then again hard to believe your machine won't start or run at all...your air cleaner and air tube delivery are clean? Fresh gas?
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