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foreman ground clearence

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hey guys, i need more GC under my foreman. is there any way to get more true ground clearence in the back, besides by just putting on larger tires?? another thing, dosent the rubicon have independent rear suspension, and if so do yall think theres any way to put a rubicon rearend under a foreman?? i know the independent suspension gets more GC anyway and its easier to get more out of them. just an idea. any help appreciated. and has anyone had any trouble out of the front with a lift kit?? thanks alot
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Tires are the only way to get any ground clearance on a SRA. The Rubi is a SRA bike also, but the Rincon is IRS. Someone on HL's site has used a rinny rear setup to make a IRS foreman, but I dont remember who. Some cutting and fab work will be required to make it work.

on the foreman front end, some have and some haven't had problems with lifts. some of the others will chime in with there thoughts
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