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foreman gear ratio

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does anyone know what the 500 foreman rear gear ratio is? And the Rincon 650 ratio? I'm wandering if the Rincon rear would match the foreman rear gear if the Rincon diff had a turner reduction gear???

Any help is appreciated.
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Turner reduction gear is not in diff. If you're looking for a gear reduction for your 500 Daniel Turner will make you one. I just talked to him earlier in week and he will be making them right after Christmas. Cost was either $600. or $650 can't remember right now. I have it written down at my desk.

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How much will this help? Does it matter what your tire size is?
It is meant to turn 29.5's, smaller the tire=deeper gearing. It is a huge difference, not sure %. This is meant for some serious mud and will decrease top end speed of course. He also rebuilds rear yokes to a heavier duty spec.

That guy has an awesome job!!!!!!!!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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